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Mobared Sanaat Tehran (MST) Corporation

Tehran Refrigeration Company (Private Joint Stock Company) was registered in 2001 with the registration number 174122 by the CEO and founder of the company, Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Afra, and succeeded in receiving the exploitation license under the number 66865 from the Ministry of Industries and Mines.

The 25-year experience of the founder of the company and our valuable new ideas led us to use the most advanced technological methods in the service of production in dear Iran and to introduce world-class products.

Tehran Refrigerator Company is proud to produce all types of aluminum pipes from 5 to 50 cm in size with 1100-1050-3003-3103 alloys, which are used in the field of freezers, refrigerators, freezers, automotive industries and heating and cooling chillers.

Awards and Certificates

MST's Awards and certificates

Our services

To provide all the requirements and requirements that can be used standards, legal regulations, standards related to quality, environment and health and occupational safety with the satisfaction of all our customers, both inside the company and outside the company with timely production, complete And impeccable service, by closely following the technological developments with the growing variety and evolution of the product, we are constantly developing our car park to meet customer expectations and by providing sustainable growth and keeping activities up to date. Companies gain access to new markets.

Types of aluminum pipes from 5 to 50 mm in size
The most advanced methods of technology
Types of freezers and refrigerators and freezers
World quality products and produced in Iran

MST's Staffs

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MST's Products

Aluminium pipes

Types of aluminum pipes from 4 to 50 mm in diameter from 0.5 to 10 mm thick

Multi chanbers

Industrial condensers

Car manufacturing tubes

Exclusive aluminum pipes for automotive and other industries

No-frust Operators

No-frust Operators

Address: Eshtehard Industrial town, west Ghazali, 3rd Gol Ara St.
Office Address: Tehran, Vanak, Parsa building 5th floor
Working hours:

Sat. to Wed. from 8am to 6pm

026 - 37776517

026 - 37776518

[email protected]